2023 Paint Forecast is Optimistic

If you’re looking to infuse your home with on-trend colours for the coming year, look no further than the great outdoors – from land to sea. That is the forecast of DULUX® Paints by PPG in announcing Vining Ivy (DLX1148-6) teal as its 2023 Colour of the Year.

A striking green-blue jewel-toned hue symbolic of deep water, Vining Ivy is both calming and invigorating, infusing home decor with a much-needed breath of fresh air after a few challenging


“People’s preference for optimistic, uber-earthy, and rich colour choices for the home shows that collectively, we’re looking for a boost on the other side of the pandemic,” said Mitsu Dhawan, Dulux brand manager. “Canadians are gravitating towards nature-kissed tones to express our desire for comforting refuge in an uncertain world.”

The new paint palette reflects a subtle evolution from more leafy greens in 2022 to more jewel-toned blue greens for 2023. “This indicates that greens are still very much a part of the story, but they are picking up more blue than in recent years, representing an increased sense of positivity, hopefulness, and rejuvenation,” Dhawan said. She explained that this year’s teal goes a long way in counterbalancing the world’s pressures.

“While it has a dramatic vibe, it emits a calming, grounding feel that anyone can incorporate into their home, no matter what their decor – as an accent wall, pop colour, or painted on all four walls,” she said.

“People are ready for an uplifting refresh and will appreciate how easily this green-blue hue can transform a living space with just a few brushstrokes. The new nature-inspired tones are bolder and more expressive than the softer neutrals that have been popular in recent years, reflecting an optimistic mood as we emerge ready for the next normal, Dhawan added.


While teals are more reminiscent of precious gemstones than foliage, for example, earthen browns and oranges are more energetic than terracotta. Dhawan suggested using Vining Ivy in rooms where one wishes to relax and unwind, such as a living room or bedroom, and adding an additional infusion of comfort with warm metal or wood accessories. As an exterior, this blue-green hue enhances curb appeal as a punch of colour or adds a welcoming charm to a front door.
Vining Ivy pairs well with the range of other colours in Dulux Paints’ 2023 palette, which is dominated by sea, stone, mineral, and soil hues.

These include earthen shades of brown, such as Dark Granite (DLX1005-7) and Cool Clay (DLX1071-5), terracotta orange Georgian Leather (DLX1200-5), and warm neutral Weathered Wood (DLX1077-4). Vining Ivy also adds a clean, contemporary tone to crisp black and white palettes.
“This naturalism-focused trend reflects how design is evolving to allow us to connect with nature in such a close way that there is less and less differentiation between what is man-built and what is earthen,” Dhawan explained. For more information about the Dulux 2023 colour palette and to virtually try the colours using the Dulux paint colour visualizer,
visit dulux.ca.

Cool Clay