Damon Bennett’s Last Minute Gifts Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas for DIY’er in Your Life

 This one is a no-brainer, my sister-in-law renovated her own bathroom this year, WAY TO GO Jess, and these are some of the tools she borrowed. Pretty safe to assume she will be getting something from this list under the tree this year, LOL. 


Sledgehammer, the tool you never knew you needed, but will be surprised by how often you use it. Seriously, we lend out more sledgehammers than any other tool! Its a beast for demo, obviously, but also useful for splitting firewood, straightening bent metal objects, dislodging firmly stuck items, driving gardening/fence posts into the ground, and it won’t break the bank. 

 Ryobi Drill kit, a drill and an impact driver, again, tools we lend out all the time. Why do you need both, because sometimes a drill isn’t enough, and at the price point of this RYOBi kit, you can’t go wrong! If you are driving a fastener into concrete, or a hardwood, you will want an impact driver over a drill, or if you need to loosen a bolt that is really seized, again, the impact has the torque to get the job done. 

 Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser, from levelling the tub, to lining up plumbing, and installing the vanities, a laser was absolutely necessary to make sure this bathroom didn’t feel like something Dr. Suess built. The end result was fantastic by the way, Jess, you can renovate our bathroom next! 

A great stocking stuffer for a DIYer in your life, some work gloves, pick up a pair for yourself as well, your hands will thank you! From demo, to yard work, tough enough to tackle slivers and thorns, a good pair of work gloves will go a long way! 


 Sawzall/Hackzall, an absolute must for any demo job, but also great for so many other applications, we always end up using these in the yard as well. Every home needs a Sawzall, or at least a Hackzall (the more compact version of a Sawzall), and you can’t beat Milwaukee for this one. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Pet Lover

 As a Dog Dad myself, I have to admit I love pet inspired gifts, and yes, I admit they are often more for the human enjoyment than the dog, but that’s the fun of it! 

 My absolute favourite is Barkbox, a monthly delivery of “dog joy” as they say on the website! A client gifted us with this one year and the entire house looked forward to it every month; Dogs, humans, and even the cats (as there are always treats in the box as well). It got to the point where the dogs would get excited when they saw the mail truck pull up to our building, they were very disappointed when the subscription ended, lol. From ripping open the actual box, to discovering what was inside, every moment was thoroughly  enjoyed by all. I can’t recommend this enough,  and Barkbox now has options of 1, 3, 6, or 12  month subscriptions, so it doesn’t have to be a  huge commitment. www.barkbox.com 


Dog DNA test. We usually rescue our dogs, so its Anyone’s guess what their breed might be. These DNA tests can help narrow down what mix/breed your dog is, and also tests for 30 different genetic health conditions. 


A custom pet portrait, they take a photograph of your dog, and put the head on a funny body. My wife had one done for me with our dog Huckleberry’s image on an old fashioned colonels torso, it was hilarious, I loved it! https://www.crownandpaw.ca/ 

 A great stocking stuffer, for dog parents, your dog walker, or even for the dog, a dog massager! Even puppies get sore after a long day of training and play, massaging your dog is a great way to bond, and they will love it! https://www.gaiam.com 

For the Kitsch Lover

 This is me in a nutshell, I love Kitsch, its sprinkled throughout our house. Bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, every room needs something that will make you smile, and sometimes even laugh out loud (LOL). Kitschy things always make great gifts, and they usually are quite affordably priced. 

A Grenade Coffee Mug, I picked up a few of these as well, and I’m keeping one for myself. A large mug with a nice big handle, perfect for my morning coffee 


A nod to one of the best holiday movies ever made, Christmas Vacation! I do not own these, but I need them, hint, hint! 


A great stocking stuffer that you never knew you needed, a shark and foot salt and pepper shaker set! 


Last Man Standing whiskey glass, I came across this last week, and bought a few, I’m not saying for who, I don’t want to ruin the surprise 

 A ‘revolver’ toilet paper holder, every bathroom, especially the guest bathroom, needs one of these, I just bought one for myself this week! It makes me laugh every time I walk into the bathroom. 

For the Senior in Your Life

 A Google Nest Hub! You might need to help them set it up, they will enjoy the visit while you’re there, and once it’s set up its so easy to use. My mother in law loves it for listening to music, checking on the weather, recipes, the list goes on, you can ask Google anything, she has hers in the kitchen and uses it constantly.

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