Organize Your Closet!

With Spring being a season of rebirth and growth, it can be the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and a new beginning.  Typically, we begin to open up our homes again, clearing away that winter dust and diving into our spring cleaning rituals.  It can also mean packing up all your cold weather clothing and re-organizing your closets for the new warmer season ahead.  

I sat down with Bobbi K, owner of The Clothing Exchange to talk about all things closets! Bobbi prides herself on “making second hand, look Gucci!”, She provides a place where women can sell their used clothing and select new pieces to fall in love with and cherish for an affordable price.   

During our chat, we discussed how to maximize your wardrobe real estate, creating beautiful displays and organizing closets for functionality. Here’s what Bobbi had to say… 

1. Where to Begin – How We Should Be Approaching Our Closet Clean Out

Items should be reviewed on a piece by piece basis, says Bobbi.  Creating a yes, no, and a maybe pile.  Typically, people will keep things that are stained, super old, or too small for them. Start by getting rid of these pieces first.   

2. How to Organize

Organizing by color is Bobbi’s rule of thumb, with closets ranging from darkest to lightest. Another choice is to organize by outfit & grouping together pieces that you would wear together.  

3. Narrowing Down Your Maybe Pile

Our “maybe” pile usually consists of items that are sentimental, no longer fit (but we will again soon), never worn, or items we don’t know how to style or incorporate into our waredrobe.  

A great way to help narrow down your maybe pile is by enlisting help. Have your friend or stylist ask you if you remember which pieces are in the maybe pile. If you can’t remember what you’ve placed in there, the likelihood of you reaching for and wearing that piece again are pretty low.    You should be wearing the items in your closet more than 10 times.

4. Low Cost Items to Help You Get Organized

Hangers – Your hangers should match and should all face the same way. 

Baskets – Baskets can be used for scarves and accessories, either placed on your top shelf or on the floor of your closet. 

Other popular organizational items are Rubbermaid containers, hooks, push pins, & shoe racks.  A lot of these items can be found at your local dollar store.  

5. Hang vs. Fold vs. Store

A lot of people put things in closets that don’t need to be there. These items can all be tucked away in storage containers or stored in drawers. Denim should always be hung.   

Your closets should be items you wear every day or items you don’t want to get wrinkled. 

6. Display It

Purses and accessories can easily be used as art pieces. Your closet should feel like a decorative part of your home. You pay good money for those purses, they shouldn’t just be thrown on the floor. Display them.   

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