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Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are no strangers to taking on challenges, however, with a termite infestation, hurricanes and a Global Pandemic, their dreams of renovating a dilapidated island resort in the Bahamas has been their biggest challenge yet. With over 10 acres, Caerula Mar, is in the tranquil and serene Island of South Andros, located in the Bahamas. 

Filming their fourth season of HGTV’s Island of Bryan, the Baeumler’s left the island and re-located to Southern Florida.  They have purchased a small home in an aeronautical community where Bryan has since fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a pilot.    

With the pandemic still a huge part of their daily lives, the viewers will watch as the family continues to travel back and forth to South Andros to help navigate the ever-changing global environment. We had the opportunity to speak with Sarah Baeumler about the resort, life on the island and what’s next for the Baeulmer family. 

Trina: It’s such a pleasure to speak with you about your new adventure. Tell us about Caerula Mar Club and who your target client may be.

When we first visited South Andros on a family boating trip, we realized it was one of The Bahamas’ best kept secrets. We noticed that divers and fisherman were really the only tourism markets here. Our hope with opening Caerula Mar Club was to give the leisure 

traveler a reason to visit the island and experience its natural wonders and meet its vibrant, friendly locals, which is what drew us here in the first place. Total seclusion is a key selling point for Caerula Mar. We’re spread across 10 acres on one of the most tranquil and beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Our villas are stand-alone and steps from the shoreline for the ultimate getaway  allowing for individuals, couples, and families to feel like they are part of our community. Caerula Mar is a romantic and unplugged escape for couples (the stars here at night are incredible!), but we also get a lot of families with older children [the resort is open to guests ages 12+], small groups of boating/fishing enthusiasts, scuba divers, and groups of friends looking to reconnect and relax.

Trina: Describe why a couple would choose a destination wedding at the Caerula Mar Club?

Weddings at Caerula Mar are all about seclusion, serenity and our untouched location where the water is some of the bluest, you’ll find in the Caribbean. It has an almost mystical quality. With this stunning backdrop, most of our wedding guests like to keep things simple in terms of decor. Our boutique size is perfect for intimate weddings and in the past, we’ve had couples tour the island for some incredible wedding day photography. Our culinary teams create an exceptional menu sourcing fresh farm-to-table and sea-to-table dining experiences. Our boutique spa can provide services for the bridal party, while our resort boats can be chartered to take groups out for day or evening adventures including diving, snorkeling and to explore the island’s famous blue holes. Our Events Team does a remarkable job at with every destination wedding to ensuring they are unforgettable for our guests. From working with the florist to finalizing the decor and even just grabbing a drink with the couple to hear about their story, that personal touch makes all the difference. For weddings we recommend anytime during early spring, late fall, or winter. Our seasonal closure is September through to the end of October. Rain is always a possibility in a tropical environment like The Bahamas. We have a beautiful indoor space. at Lusca, our fine dining restaurant, that can be used when the weather is less than ideal.  For groups of more than 24 guests, a property buyout is required (buyouts can accommodate 60 guests total).

Trina: You faced challenges with the island, including a Global Pandemic that affected the world.  What were the biggest challenges and rewards?  Were there any silver linings you can share?

Big challenges reap big rewards and that’s certainly been the case with Caerula Mar. With this being our first hotel project, there was a lot to learn. In the beginning, it was figuring out the logistics of importing materials into such a remote location. This project has taught us to pick our battles and focus on the end goal of sharing our little slice of heaven with the world. It was a life changing experience as we were able to share this adventure with our kids and viewers around the world. We’ve also had the weather affect our plans more than once. Construction in a tropical destination is a whole different ball game than what we deal with when we’re working on homes in Canada and the U.S. All of this seems small when you think about the pandemic, which severely impacted the world just after we first opened. Having to close our property and living on the island with our family was surreal. 

During the pandemic, our community was suffering, and this affected us on many levels. The silver lining was the time we were able to spend together and really seeing the lengths everyone in the community goes through to help one another. The most rewarding part of opening and operating Caerula Mar is spending time with our guests. We’ll join them for dinner, join them on a scuba diving adventure, hang out by the pool or grab drinks with them at Driffs Beach Bar.  Seeing everyone immediately relax once they get to our little remote paradise is worth every challenge we’ve endured along the way. The guests love to mingle too and meet one another; everyone is part of the family when they’re at Caerula Mar.

Dream Romantic Getaway at Caerula

Caerula Mar sits on 10 secluded beachfront acres in South Andros, dotted with palm trees and spread across powder-white sands edged with crystalline turquoise waters. With over 90 miles of pristine beaches, the greatest number of Blue Holes, and the world’s third largest fringing barrier reef, making the island a must-visit destination for diving, snorkeling, boating and fishing. South Andros has its own international customs and is accessible via a 20-minute flight from Nassau or a 60-minute flight from Ft. Lauderdale’s Executive Airport.

How to Book your Dream Destination Wedding at Caerula Mar Club 

Selection of Private Villas + Clubhouse suites

Min. of 5 night  stay for couples getting married

Guest must stay at Resort

Wedding Packages range from $1,500 to $14,000

For more information about the Caerula Mar Club as a romantic getaway or a wedding destination, visit their website at www.caerulamar.com

Trina Stewart

Trina Stewart is the Editor of HOMES+ Locale Magazine. Originally from Cambridge, Ontario, Trina loves exploring the area and embracing the activities, events, and local businesses.

Trina Stewart

Trina Stewart is the Editor of HOMES+ Locale Magazine. Originally from Cambridge, Ontario, Trina loves exploring the area and embracing the activities, events, and local businesses.