5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

Interested in making your big event a little easier on the planet? Read on for some fun ideas to impress your guests while reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding. There are many items that are sourced locally and sustainably and then there are items that leave zero waste. Ideally, we look for both of those qualities, but in a pinch, the main guideline would be to avoid plastic items as they take hundreds of years to decompose and create pollution all over the world.

Seed Paper Greeting Cards 

These have beautiful texture and a thick feel and can be custom-made to match your wedding theme and colours.  Come spring, instead of collecting dust on a shelf, these cards will bring the beauty of flowers to your guests’ garden or balcony and create a lovely and natural reminder of your amazing wedding.

All Natural Soap Bars

Many soaps contain micro-plastics, which are not only questionable for our health, but also go down our drain and ultimately contribute to plastics in our oceans. Instead, look for handmade, local soap with paper packaging. All natural ingredients (ones that sound familiar and pronounceable) are your best bet. They can be coloured with natural mica to create incredible hues and patterns.

Dried Bud Bouquets 

Mini bouquets made of dried flowers are very on-trend and create zero waste. Opt for craft paper wrapping with raffia ribbon. These make adorable keepsakes for decorating a shelf or putting in a bud vase. When sourcing these, look for unbleached, unprocessed flowers like lavender and naturally beige bunny tails. Bleached dried florals, (like white or pink pampas grass and bunny tails) go through a harsh chemical process.  You can even dry your own by bundling them up and hanging them upside down, away from direct sunlight. Flowers that dry well naturally include: straw flowers, baby’s breath, amaranth, eucalyptus, statice, blue thistle and hydrangea.