By Desta Ostapyk, Principal Designer, Design by Desta and National Home Show Design Ambassador

After months of being indoors, Spring reminds us how much we need a clutter-free space that is calming and grounding. Taking center stage and sitting at the top of Desta Ostapyk’s list of Spring home trends, are spaces inspired by nature.

As we start to consider refreshing our homes, looking for ways to make our spaces more serene and soothing, incorporating natural elements helps us connect with nature.

Starting with colours, earth tones have been making a strong comeback for the past couple of years. One of the key colours of this trend is green in every shade.
Did you know that the colour green has the most variation of tones than any other colour? If you didn’t, now you do.

Other key colours for the next year are earth tones like cognac, tobacco, mustard, charcoal, warm/creamy whites, deep marine blue etc.

Using colours like the ones mentioned above and bringing natural elements through décor, fabrics and furniture is key. Desta feels “a home should always have hints of nature and natural elements. As a designer, I’m excited that colour is finally making a comeback.”

A home should always have hints of nature & natural elements.


1. Use natural fabrics throughout your home like 100% wool rugs (which help purify the air) natural fabric cushions, curtains & table linens. Bedding especially should be 100% cotton which allows your skin to breathe (helps you to sleep better) and should be machine washable/easy to maintain.

2. Decorate with nature’s treasures like stones, crystals, plants, flowers, beeswax candles, branches like cherry blooms, pussy willow, curly willow, eucalyptus, pine, dogwood and driftwood.

3. Mix woods and wood tones in your home through your furniture, picture frames and cabinetry. Not all woods have to match.

4. Bring in those earthy tones through paint on the walls, trim, doors, ceiling or all of the above or through area rugs, fabrics, pictures, art and decor.

5. Natural light and fresh air! Open up those windows and let in that natural light. Nothing lights a space better than Mother Nature so draw back those curtains and pull up those blinds and let that light in.

If it’s not too cold, open up those windows and allow some fresh air to circulate throughout your home/spaces or use a diffuser with a drop or two of your favourite natural essential oil (I like peppermint). This will also help with a good flow of energy in your home as well.