Aperol Spritz: Why not light an orange spark!

National Spritz Day is August 1, and what better way to celebrate with the iconic original Aperol Spritz cocktail as a refreshing compliment to a perfectly crafted aperitivo brunch board? With the help of renowned Canadian cheese expert and Food Network Canada host Afrim Pristine, you can create your own cheese board for your loved ones.

Assemble based on the season. When building your board, opt for different textures and ingredients that are seasonally available. When the season changes, so should what you select for your brunch board. As guests are consuming the board, it should feel as if they are travelling on a delicious journey through a variety of seasonal flavour profiles.

Know your guests. Are you hosting meat lovers or sweet tooths? Factor their palates into your decision when assembling your board. You could create a board focused on classic Italian charcuterie with cured meats, cheeses and olives or opt for something sweeter with pastries, fruit, and freshly baked goods.

Focus on quality over quantity. Less is more! You don’t need 15 different ingredients on a brunch board to make a statement. Focus on fewer, higher-quality items and your guests will still be impressed.

Don’t forget your drink pairing. Enjoy a beautiful, refreshing drink like an aperitif with your brunch board. My go-to is an Aperol Spritz because it’s simple to make, and pairs well with so many flavours. It will also look great sitting on a table next to any type of brunch board with its iconic bright orange hue, ice cubes and orange slice.

Make it visual. We live in a social media world where aesthetics matter. When hosting your next brunch get-together, the board can also serve as Instagram-worthy décor. Simply placing beautiful ingredients on brunch boards can be visually impactful and allows the food to be the star of the show.

Aperol Spritz Recipe (3-2-1)

In a stemmed wine glass filled with ice, pour 3 parts (oz) Prosecco, followed by 2 parts (oz) Aperol and a splash of soda water.

Gently stir to combine, garnish with an orange slice and serve!