Keys to Instant Curb Appeal

If you’re preparing your home to sell, or simply desire a more appealing look for the exterior of your house, there are a variety of solutions to create a positive first impression. From inexpensively adding a fresh coat of paint, to a few key updates, here are some elements to consider:

• Update your front door with a fresh coat of paint or install a brand new door

• Select new contemporary house numbers

• Invest in large planters for your porch/entrance with fresh potted plants or flowers in the Spring/Summer, and seasonal branches and ornamental décor in
the Fall/Winter

• Maintain clean landscaping and add some colour in flower beds with fresh flowers and plants

• Add a new modern mailbox

• Consider adding flower boxes on porch or under the windows

• Install new outdoor light fixtures

• Add shutters to windows

• Paint or replace old garage door

• Invest in fresh porch décor such as new doormats or outdoor pillows for any porch/outdoor furniture

• Consider a good overall cleaning. Dirt and debris can add up over time on windows, doors and siding. Have them professionally cleaned or if you’re handy
and have time, make it a DIY project.

• Keep garbage cans and recycling boxes tucked away. If storage space is an issue, invest in a garbage storage shed, or install paneling to hide your containers.

Pick and choose a few of these ideas, and your home will definitely make a great first impression!