Tips For Starting A Veggie Garden

What a great time to try your hand at gardening. With these few tips below and a trip to your local nursery or garden centre you will be harvesting in no time! Nothing beats the flavour and texture of garden fresh veggies. 


You must have sun! At least 6 hours/day of direct sunlight is key.


Make sure your soil stays moist and is well drained. Remove any rocks from your garden bed for best results.


Choose a location that is protected from wind, flooding and/or foot traffic

Start Small

If this is your first time, don’t get overwhelmed. Just plant and grow what you will eat. Plant your rows wide enough apart so you can access them easily. They should run north and south to make the most of the sunlight.

A few excellent veggies for beginners to start with: tomotoes, zucchini, peppers, radishes, beans, lettuce, carrots and your favourite herbs.

A few things to keep in mind:

• Be sure to weed regularly so the vegetable plants don’t miss out on any light, water or nutrients.

• Use fertilizer or compost to get the most of your plants. 

• Water regularly.

• Special tip – marigolds will help keep the pests away and add colour!

Though it might be a little late to start from seeds, most nurseries and garden centres will have starter plants that can be transplanted. Ask questions while you’re there, to find out which plants are best suited for your garden space and be sure to read the plant labels to know how much space they will need to flourish.

If you have already seen veggie gardens popping up in your area, reach out to your neighbours for advice. That is a great way to reconnect after months of social distancing. 

Before you know it, it will be time to harvest your vegetables – the best part! The experts say, if it looks good enough to eat, it probably is! Pick what looks good to allow your plants to continue producing!

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