Rice Krispie Sushi

Rice Krispie Sushi
Here’s a fun “baking” project to tackle with your kids or grandkids this summer – we’ll all need to get a bit creative at home with Camps being cancelled again this year.

My boys love making Rice KrispieTM sushi, and it couldn’t be easier “no recipe required” kind of easy! Kids have a blast decorating and eating this style of “sushi”.

Rice Krispie Sushi


  • Rice Krispie Squares
  • Fruit Rolls
  • Swedish fish Candies


  • First, prepare a pan of Rice KrispieTM squares according to the recipe right on the box. Let it sit for a couple hours (so that it isn’t sticky).

For “maki” type sushi rolls

  • Simply roll out your “nori”, which in this case is fruit roll ups. Cut a rectangular piece of Rice KrispieTM from the pan (about 1½” by 5”) to fit the length of the fruit rollup.
  • Just roll to cover the rice krispie, then press to seal. Cut each roll into 5 or 6 pieces and top with your choice of
  • hard or soft candy.

For “nigiri” type sushi

  • Simply cut small, 1” x 2” pieces of rice krispies from the pan, top with a Swedish fish candy, and then wrap with a ¼” strip of fruit roll-up.
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