The Art of Slowing Down

If there is something we’ve done a lot of the past few years is learning the art of slowing down. 

I was at a Royal LePage event where RBC Olympian Renata Fast from the Canadian Women Hockey Team, spoke about the struggles she had to keep going and training when the World literally stopped.  It was an inspiring story of perseverance, doing chin ups on trees and exer-

cising at home with her eye on her team and the Gold Medal.. 

While her story was one of a champion Gold Olympian, I still question whether we have moved too quickly towards ‘full steam ahead’.  Did we really learn the “art” of slowing down or was it forced upon us where we returned to life with guns a blazing?

Returning to work and commuting are normal and

healthy routine tasks, however, there’s no time like the present where we should look to ensure that we maintain a healthy life work/life balance. Life is short, and time flies. But you can create a simple ritual to help you slow down, enjoy life, and focus on what’s important.


Focus on the most important tasks to take on during the day. By doing so, we eliminate the stress of trying to accomplish too much, leaving us overwhelmed.


Social networking, email and web surfing plays a significant role in most people’s lives.. But too much time on the Internet can mean you miss out on things like exercise, hobbies or meditation. Think about it. You can reduce your Internet use by 50% and use that time for new activities that refresh you.


Take a 5-10 minute break to step outside and breathe fresh air. Disconnect from the rest of the world and admire the beauty of nature. Those are just some of the benefits that come from taking a few minutes for yourself.


We plan out our days in all sorts of ways, from calendars to daily planners. Take a few minutes each day (or week) to organize your schedule and make sure you are keeping up your daily tasks. This will help you prioritize the things that are most important and make sure you don’t miss anything important!


Whether it be in person or on the phone, schedule time to connect with family and friends.  If you’re in person, put down your phone and truly connect and embrace the time together.  If you’re on the phone, stay off Instagram or other distractions to connect on a deeper level.


I’ve created a great relationship with Audible, an audiobook app from Amazon, while on my hour commute home.  I tend to listen to autobiographies or self-help, but a good fiction story can take you away where your creativity and curiosity lies.  

Slow down, you’re busy. We all are. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes in your life and surroundings. The purpose of slowing down is to protect us from burning out, improve our mental health and to enjoy the life in front of us. How do you slow down? Share your tips at

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