Top Design Trends of 2023

Looking to revamp your style in 2023 with trending home designs? Look no further, our expert Design Studio team is here to give you an exclusive update on what’s hot, hip and trendy in the interior design space this year. Our team is sharing some new and emerging trends we haven’t seen before – get inspired by our top design trends of 2023!

Glam Powder Rooms

Powder rooms present the perfect opportunity to show off your design style! Let your personality shine through with wallpaper, patterned tiles, or even wall panel moulding. A powder room has a smaller square footage than a full bathroom, which means you can add different textures and pops of colour for a bold statement.

You don’t have to stop at walls; intricate graphic floor tiles are an excellent choice for adding visual interest to the room. To complete the look, select matte black, gold or copper fixtures. These options are becoming increasingly more popular than a standard chrome finish.  

 Hobby Spaces & Wellness Rooms

Ditch the dumbbell rack for hobby spaces and relaxation! A wellness room is a space to explore your creative side, build your confidence in a skill, or find solace at the end of a busy day.

Over the last two years, we are seeing an increase in homeowners interested in flexible spaces they can use for meditative activities. This can be a library for alone time, a music room, or even an outdoor space. Think about an activity or hobby that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and start from there! The goal is to create a space that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Japandi Minimalism

2023 is all about taking care of you! Health and relaxation never go out of style, and we will continue to see wellness trends incorporated into our home life. We see this in the Japandi design trend. The cozy cleanliness of Scandinavian interiors and the minimalist beauty of traditional Japanese décor creates a spa-like atmosphere, becoming a staple in modern home design.

Japandi Minimalism favours uncluttered spaces, a calm colour palette, and clean lines. This style features light woods and unique curved furniture. It is the perfect trend for those who want a home that feels like a sanctuary and generally follows a less-is-more lifestyle.

Globe Lighting

Lighting is an essential element of interior design as it sets the tone, mood, and ambiance of a space. From eclectic glam chandeliers to bohemian rattan lights, we’ve seen light fixture trends change over the years, however, one option remains consistent: globe lighting.

Globe lights give rooms a well-rounded look, hitting the sweet spot between modern and classic. Opt for frosted glass for a warm, soft, soothing finish or clear glass for a brighter industrial look. No matter your design style, globe lighting is always an excellent choice that will bring a room to life! 

Quartz Finishes

Quartz countertops that mimic marble are very popular in kitchen and bathroom designs. Inspired by nature, it invokes the feeling of tranquillity while offering a swoon-worthy finish.

If you’re looking to introduce this timeless stone to your home, there are several ways you can use it to add a touch of luxury to your space. Quartz has evolved beyond countertops and can be a backsplash, shower tile, and even a fireplace surround. This stone is incredibly durable, making it an excellent alternative to marble. Keep it neutral with swirled black, grey, and white or add a pop of colour like white quartz with blue veins!      

Comforting Paint Shades

Create your very own wellness oasis with warm and soothing tones that are on trend for 2023. From classic neutrals to earthy tones, and vintage-inspired hues, colours that hug the room like a warm embrace will dominate this year. Sherwin Williams’s colour of the year, Darkroom, is a rich black with purple undertones that is romantic, moody and elegant all at once. In a living room, it elevates the design while maintaining a cozy and relaxed feel. Dark, moody paint can also be in powder rooms, bedrooms, and hallways to create an unexpected statement. If you’re looking for something lighter and airier, Behr’s selection for 2023, Blank Canvas, is the perfect colour for an at-home sanctuary. This warm white makes a room feel cozy while also offering endless design possibilities.

On the hunt for a warm pop of colour? Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year, Raspberry Blush, is bright, warm, homey and full of personality. This shade of coral tinged with pink offers a dramatic transformation to the home. Love pink tones? Pantone’s colour of the year, Viva Magenta is a nuanced crimson-red tone that is both warm and cool. You can use these bright shades on an accent wall or paint an old piece of furniture for a striking new look!   

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