Tips for a designer Kitchen & Bath

Two of the most important rooms within a home are the kitchen and bathroom. Designing these rooms is particularly challenging because we want to create an environment that aligns with functionality, comfort, and style. The choices of colours, materials, textures and layout are essential to create a space that looks and feels high-end and is long-lasting.

The Kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the home’s heart, where family and friends gather for meals or conversation. It is a space that is used a lot throughout the day, and because of that, facilitating maintenance is one of the top aspects to keep in mind. For easier maintenance and cleaning, opt for slab doors. Detailed door profiles accumulate spills, dust and food particles that cannot be easily collected.

Frequency of use and level of sun exposure are factors to consider when choosing the colours of your cabinetry. Lighter cabinetry colours such as whites, creams, beiges, or lighter greys can fade or discolour with sun exposure. So, don’t be afraid to go bold with colour! Add drama and interest to your home’s kitchen by opting for darker shades or more colourful hues – this can make your kitchen look incredible and improve its durability. 

An additional factor to focus on that is very important when planning your kitchen renovation is proportion. For kitchens with higher ceiling heights, select fixtures proportionate in size to the overall space – including lighting, cabinetry hardware, and faucets. Ceiling height cabinetry is a great way to add visual height and create the feeling of a larger kitchen. It is also perfect for storing seasonal items or seldom-used kitchen supplies.  

The kitchen island brings everything together, so it is essential to determine its function. Will it have a sink and dishwasher? Range or cooktop? An overhang with stools for seating/dining? This will determine the flow of your kitchen and create a purpose for each area. 

The Bathroom

Your bathroom should be treated as an extended living space. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and incorporating furniture, wall art, and décor can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere at the beginning and end of your day or for guests and visitors to enjoy.

When planning your bathroom’s design, you must think long-term and consider how the finishes you select will age with time. This is why you should always opt for timeless finishes that you will continue to love for years to come – especially for more permanent items such as floor tile, wall tile and vanities.

You must focus on adding light to your space. One way of doing that is incorporating large windows for more natural light, if possible. Another way to do that is by adding wall-to-wall mirrors to reflect light and include decorative lighting such as wall sconces or even recessed lighting. 

An additional tip is using open storage. It is the perfect place for baskets, bath towels and everyday items you constantly look for.

You can elevate the look of your Kitchen & Bath in many ways. Whether you are considering a complete renovation or simply incorporating design concepts into your home, you can keep these tips in mind to create a timeless look.

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