A Winter Wonderland at Your Doorstep!

When we think about the holidays, we think about hot cocoa with marshmallows, eggnog, mistletoes, playing in the snow, building gingerbread houses, and so many traditions that this magical season represents.

The holidays are a time for families to reunite and for friends to come together to celebrate the season. What better way to welcome them to your home than with a festive scene at your front door! Seasonal planters are a great way to elevate your home’s exterior look and feel without spending much money.

Our team has gathered their best tips to create show-stopping planters that will last all winter long! It all starts with the right planter. Think of the urn as the
foundation of your exterior decoration. If you never leave your entranceway bare and love decorating it with fresh décor from one season to the
next, consider investing in a good-quality urn. There are three critical factors to a suitable urn: proper scale, timeless design, and good drainage with the ability to withstand hot summer sun and snowy winters for years to come. If you use a planter that you have used for previous seasons, bring it indoors for a few days to ensure that the soil has thoroughly thawed. If you have purchased a new urn, fill it with approximately 3⁄4 of fresh soil. The soil makes it easy to position your plants and décor where you want them to be. Next, it’s time to select your plants. To ensure that your arrangement stands up to the test of our frigid Canadian winters, it is essential to select the right plants. Plan your theme before shopping to help guide you with your selection of colours, accents, and an assortment of greens. Long needle pine branches are resilient and cascade nicely over the
planter’s edges, making them an ideal option. Whatever you choose, remember to give them a good drink of water, and you won’t have to think about them until April!

Incorporate magnolia or other decorative stems, catchy signs, or some birch for added interest. These are durable and are available in a variety of options.

To install your selected items, insert the big and tall items first, keeping the tallest items towards the back of your planter and working your way to the front with the smaller items. Check for any exposed areas and add filler as needed to avoid gaps, especially around the edges. Cascade your cedars and pines over the edges last.

To finalize your holiday décor, place your winter urn at the desired location! Personalize with some additional décor to compliment your winter urns and give your entranceway is a beautiful and magical look for the season!

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