Want your Garden Looking Good this Fall?

Who doesn’t love a pretty garden? But what happens when the fall rolls in and plants prepare themselves for the winter leaving gardens looking “blah?” There are many things you can do to create interest in an exterior space, even when your garden stars have gone for the season.

Add a pop of colourful decor

Find colourful ceramic pots and vases to dress up your front door, garden wall and outdoor dining space. This is a great time to decorate the yard with contrasting or complimentary colour accents. 

Add some seasonal cheer

Line the driveway or entrance with potted colour arrangements, or something seasonal like pumpkins or bunches of wheat grass.

Make a fall wreath

Collect your fall leaves in bunches and attach them to a straw wreath frame with U-shaped floral pins. Use it to brighten up your front door. 

Add a few annuals/soft perennials.

Choose colours that compliment the changing colours of the leaves. Try garden mums in burnt orange, crimson red or mustard yellow.

Plant some showy fall plants for next year.

In many places fall is the ideal time to plant shrubs and trees. Since the soil is still warm and plants are not going into a leafing season, they can focus on growing strong roots instead of leaves and flowers.

Collect your fallen leaves for compost. 

Don’t underestimate the power of organic compost for your garden. It’s like liquid gold!

Get building, painting or fixing!

Fall is a great time to be outside and build that project you’ve been thinking about all year! And a freshly painted front door will definitely spice up your exterior space!