2022 Colour Trends

It’s new year, which might mean a new home, or a refresh of your existing interior space.
Let’s talk about the colour trends for 2022. We hope you feel inspired to incorporate these colours into your home!

1. Sunrise Yellow

What a happy colour! Some sunshine to get us through the dark times we’ve all been going through. This colour can quickly intensify a large room, so it’s best to use in small areas such as a door, accent wall, or railings. Decor is another way to bring this colour into any room, using it as a subtle accent piece with pillows or artwork.

To create the perfect yellow colour scheme, choose one or two yellows for the accent, a dark neutral, and a white dose for a balanced colour palette.

Best combined with: dark colours, or with blues, pinks, greens and browns.

2. Soft Neutral White

So simple yet so fresh, neutrals will never go out of style. What’s different about this neutral white is its lovely soft dark undertone which gives it a warm transparency. Ways to incorporate this shade include using it as your primary wall colour to help clean up the space. Add colours such as light browns and black for a beautiful, well-lit area. You can also incorporate some plants to give the room more life.

Best used with: dark accents, other white tones, greenery or as an accent piece for fireplace, doors, trim and railings.

3. Airy blue

This colour comes and goes throughout the years, but it’s predicted that it will be making a comeback. This shade of blue can work in a babies/children’s room for a beautiful mural or on all walls. Also as an accent colour throughout the whole house to give you that beach-house vibe. Using white with blue will give you that fresh spring-like feeling and create an atmosphere on the cooler side.

Works well with: white, light, neutral browns. Used for  decor pieces or big items like a sofa, or kitchen counters with gold accents.

4. Soft Raspberry Red

Red can be a striking and bold colour, giving off a rustic, and historical vibe. This raspberry red is softer, slightly muted & a fresh and bright new take on this traditional classic. It provides a classy and sophisticated mood to any space. Use it as the colour of your accent cushions, picture frames, a living room chair, carpet, entrance door colour, and many other places you think will fit your home!

Goes best with: Gold, dark brown or wood finishes, as well as warm cream colours.

5. Modern Sage green

Classic green has had its run, but this green is fresh and modern with silver undertones. This shade adds those earthtones without being too intense or overpowering. Combine with brass, gold and cream tones to your room. You can’t go wrong with this modern sage green.

Goes best with: creams, dark brown, brassy gold, and other green shades.

6. Dark Olive green

This colour can easily make a home look like it’s meant to be on the front of an interior design magazine if it’s styled the right way. Depending on how you style it, you can make it feel cooler or warmer. Adding wood-stained items around this green can give it a warm relaxing million-dollar look and feel. You can use this colour as a cabinet colour for kitchens or bathrooms, hallways, furniture such as a couch, or decor pieces around the house with dark colours.

Goes best with: dark wood brown, gold, black, beige, red and tan 

Which is your favourite, and how will you style your home this year?