Create Your Own Dream Kitchen

Between spending time with family, entertaining and hosting, the kitchen is a space that finds itself in the spotlight. The thought of designing a kitchen can be overwhelming for some, there are so many elements to consider- it is the heart of the home after all! 

Whether you are planning a renovation or building a new home, there are a few design elements to consider to create your dream kitchen.

Mix Materials

By mixing materials, you create visual interest in a room. Most commonly done with reclaimed wood, metals or glass on an island or range hood, the contrast of materials can help to highlight those elements to create feature pieces. Permanent structures are not the only way to add diversity to your kitchen, make sure you look at lighting, backsplash tile, furniture and accessories as ways to infuse visual interest in the space. 


How your kitchen functions is critical, so layout is everything! Think about how you use the space on a daily basis, if you have someone in your home who enjoys cooking you will want to ensure the sink, fridge and stove are all in close proximity to one another. Factor in adequate prep area, storage space and areas of personal interest- did someone say, coffee bar?! The reality is, having beautiful cabinetry or finishes does not equate to a kitchen that functions well and if the space does not fit your needs, it won’t be somewhere you will enjoy being as much as you could. 


Have you ever noticed that kitchen show rooms or kitchens that appear in magazines are really bright? A space that is well lit is attractive to the eye and welcoming to be in. To achieve designer lighting, it is important to have a variety, which includes layering where the light is coming from.  Make sure your design includes sufficient natural light, flush or pot lights and pendant lighting to create a layered effect. Lighting is not only welcoming but it also helps to highlight your kitchen finishes, make sure your guests can see all your wonderful design details!


It is no secret that appliances account for a large portion of a kitchen budget, but you may ask yourself- how important are appliances, really? Critical. Appliances impact your cabinetry requirements because if you select a 6-burner stove or a double fridge, your cabinetry design will need to accommodate those elements. I remind my clients that appliances are the very thing in your kitchen that get the most traffic, so you want them to be reflective of your family’s needs. 

Cabinet Height

This is probably my favourite secret- bring your cabinetry to the ceiling! Unless your kitchen has vaulted ceilings, bringing your cabinets to the ceiling is the easiest way to make your ceilings feel taller and to achieve a designer look. Besides… who really wants to dust above the cabinets, anyways? 

No matter what your budget is or the footprint of your kitchen, the same techniques can be applied any kitchen to achieve your dream space. Happy designing!