You Do? We Do Too!

Now that you’ve popped some bubbly and allowed the excitement to sink in, it’s time to find  the venue that screams “you”.

As Sales Manager at the Walper Hotel, my approach to wedding planning is simple: create a day that is custom to each couple’s unique vision.  Bespoke experiences cannot be recycled weekend after weekend. I want you to write yourselves into the rich history of our incredible property – in a way as unique as you are!

Selecting the ideal venue is by far the toughest part of the wedding planning process. 

There is no such thing as an insider secret. It will be easier for both you and your venue to have an experience as forward, transparent, & honest as possible.  Here are some tips to help ensure that happens.

Be sure to… 

Understand what is included in the per-person and/or rental fees. Everything from elements, (like tables, chairs, linens, and place settings), to personnel (bartenders & planning coordinators, etc.), to labour may or may not be covered.

Inquire about incentives for slower seasons and/or non-traditional days of the week. This can help you invest more of your budget into the juicy bits, like food and beverage, instead of event space rental.

Consider the style and character of each venue carefully. Does it yield a classic, simplistic beauty? Or will it require significant embellishing? 

Ascertain the degree of tailoring and modification possible. A good venue will want to customize to your preference, vision, and budget, and will engage with you to make that happen in every realistic way possible.

Ask if the venue is inclusive, accommodating, and/or welcoming.Do they permit same-sex couples? Are there allowances for furry friends? Can they easily accommodate guests with mobility/accessibility issues?

Request a preferred vendor list. You’ll want one that is based on the venue’s working experience with the vendors. A venue should only recommend vendors whose professionalism they can vouch for based on time spent together, rather than money exchanged. 

Agree to a safe guaranteed guest count or minimum spend. It should consider the 10% golden rule of RSVP declines. (Tip: If your spend is sitting below the minimum, see if the venue is dedicated to re-investing back into your day via upgrades. )

Be careful not to… 

Feel pressured into making an impulsive commitment. A wedding is a huge investment of time and finances, so a good venue will place a courtesy hold on a date while you shop around. 

Overlook the proximity of the venue to guest accommodations. Does the venue have accommodations itself? To ensure everyone gets home safely, will you have to provide a shuttle services or Uber vouchers? 

Neglect asking about any ‘extra’ fees.There are plenty that can creep onto your invoice after signing: DJ/AV plug-in, cake cutting, candle relighting, additional décor rentals, set up/tear down, early/late check-outs, and so forth. You’ll want to be sure you are aware of your extra costs!

The right wedding venue will work tirelessly with you to build a long-lasting relationship – one that offers a reliable location for celebrating any and all momentous occasions down the road! As a potential client, you should feel empowered to ask questions, make requests and demand the highest level of finesse.