Creative Home Workspace Ideas

The new reality of 2020, has more people than ever working from home. How can we create spaces that not only promote productivity, but also provide privacy and the flexibility to go from work to family time?  A cleared dining room table can work for some, but here are some other ideas that could provide more long-term solutions.


Closet Transformation – If you have a closet that can be cleared out, open or remove the door and add a proper fitting desk with shelving above. Make sure there’s a good source of light and outlets for electronics.

Spare Bedroom – Add a desk or simple table to a corner of an unused spare room, or refurnish the room entirely into a home office.

Larger Hallway or Entryway – Consider your home’s hallway or entryway space. Often times there’s a corner that could fit a small desk or table that’s out of the way of traffic. This could be under a window, for added light. Make sure that you have storage solutions and outlets for electronics available

Attic or Basement – If your home has a finished attic, this space will create a perfect work environment for those who require a quiet area to work. In the basement, section off a work zone by adding an area rug, desk, and shelving/storage solutions within the room.

Kitchen Cubby or Island Space – Some kitchens have a desk/work station built right into the design, or larger islands with cabinets can be transformed into work zones that can allow you to tuck away paperwork and supplies when its time to focus on family/personal time.

Insulated Garage – In cases where we have a clean, organized and insulated garage, we can easily create a work zone that feels separate from our living space. The added bonus is opening up the door and enjoying fresh air on a nice day.


Wheeled storage units – Find a storage solution that can house all of your work supplies, and be easily tucked away when your workday is done.

– Will you be doing a lot of zoom calls? Consider what your co-workers/meeting attendees can see behind you. Choose an appropriate area in your home where background noise and distractions are at a minimum.

Efficiency – Create a space that is conducive to this. Fresh plants or favourite pictures and decor can help inspire productivity and creativity, while keeping the work area minimalistic can be best for some.

Remove Clutter – Consider a small file cabinet with hanging files to keep paperwork tucked away, drawer dividers for necessary supplies, and baskets and/or storage cubes.

Light Source – A space/room with windows providing a lot of natural light, or a room with great overhead lighting is ideal, or find a great desk lamp as another option.

Routine – Try to stick to your regular work schedule as much possible. Often times, working from home can have us pulled away by distractions or loved ones. Conversely it’s easy to forget to call it day and work into our down time.

While working from home can be tricky to navigate, remember to give yourself and family members time and patience to adapt to the “new normal”.