The Mudroom Revival

Mudroom : noun {mud-rüm}
Definition: A small area where people leave their dirty or wet clothing and shoes when they enter a house.
As we continue to manoeuvre through our new normal – the result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – entering our homes has now become a process for so many of us.  Hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, shoes.  Are you thinking about the entryway into your home any differently?

Having a space when you enter and exit your home, to transition into and from the outdoors, can provide the ideal drop zone – think masks, shoes, backpacks, or a place to keep that pump bottle of sanitizer. 

Don’t have a designated mudroom? No problem! You don’t need an actual mudroom to create a more organized and practical space.  A shelf with a basket or two and a place for your bottle of hand sanitizer, a couple of hooks on the wall, and a small bench, so you can sit down and take your shoes off, will do the trick.

Let’s Talk Function. Storage is king in a mudroom space:

• Hooks for a purse, reusable shopping bags, an umbrella or your keys. Hang some hooks at a kid-friendly height to make it easy for them to hang up their own things. 

• A mat and/or boot tray to place your shoes (for a busy house, the bigger the mat the better for accommodating everyone as they come and go).

• A “dropping zone” is always great in a mudroom, whether it be a bowl or basket, this is a great place to store miscellaneous items that you need to keep handy as you enter and exit the house. If space allows, add a console table or cabinet for additional storage (hint: a cabinet is a great place to stow a handy garbage can for disposing of used PPE).

• Add bins or baskets to create personalized storage for each family member. And don’t forget your furry friend – you can keep his/her leash hung up and toys in a basket as well!

Let’s Talk Seating

No mudroom space is complete without a bench or some sort of seating for removing your shoes after a long day. Select something that fits the space well, from an extra dining chair to a full-size bench, you want to be sure to select something that will not impede the overall flow or block doorways. For some additional storage (especially in the colder months) consider a bench with a flip-up seat or built-in shelves for shoes and baskets. 

Let’s Talk Easy to Maintain

Durable tiles or luxury vinyl are a couple of examples of very practical flooring choices for this space as they can handle the high traffic, dirt, mud, and potential moisture (think rainwater or snow) easily with a quick sweep or mop. Add a durable floor mat to help trap dirt as it comes through the door for a practically indestructible floor that can withstand whatever your family throws at it.

Let’s Talk Style

Just because your mudroom space is practical and durable doesn’t mean that it can’t do double-duty and also be an attractive part of your home! Keeping the design style consistent with the rest of your home creates both continuity and flow. Personalize with a few photographs or a piece of art and add a splash of colour through some plants or other décor to make your mudroom feel a bit more inviting.  Adding a mirror or a clock is not only practical but also adds a touch of glam. 

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