Inspect Your Home For A Worry Free Summer

Inspect your home for a worry free summer

Far too often do we get emergency summer calls, that could’ve been avoided with some preventative maintenance. Checking gutters, replacing warped patio boards, repairing seals on windows. It’s all small stuff that can help your house last longer with fewer emergencies.

A lot of people push off preventative maintenance as they see it as useless or time consuming, but in the long run it ends up saving you time and money. Doing a simple home inspection yourself to see how everything weathered through the winter can give you great insight as to what will be needed in the coming years or what can be prevented from getting worse.

Cleaning and organizing your personal spaces lets you enjoy a tidier and more organized environment and this can relieve stress.”

Cleaning and organizing can often feel like a drag, but it is proven to bring up your mood. Don’t stress on the list too much! There is always people to help bring that list down and make everything a little easier. Wasting time and not enjoying your summer is not fun, so lets get this done right the first time.

Quick Inspections

This is for sure something you can do yourself. Just by taking a quick walk around your house to see what needs to be repaired or fixed. You are looking for warped or loose deck boards, missing shingles from your roof, damage to your driveway or paths, looking for holes in your screen doors, and other small jobs that you might put off until they’re a big problem.

Inspect your home for a worry free summer

Inside too

Don’t forget the inside of your house too! Living day in and day out in a place can sometimes make you over look small details. So don’t forget about your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, those batteries should be changed once a year. And cleaning furnace filters and indoor vents should be done at least once a year. Getting these small jobs done now means you can enjoy the summer and don’t have to do this come winter.