Pro Tip to Declutter & Organize

If you’re getting ready to move, then you know how important it is to declutter your home in preparation for packing.

This is both the best and worst time to dive into decluttering. 

It’s the best time because you will put your eyes and hands on every item you own and decreasing the number of possessions you own will make moving easier for you and your family.

On the other hand, it’s the worst time for decluttering your home because you are likely a bit stressed and surely have a lot on your mind.

Decluttering isn’t easy, but tackling this now will make selling your property much easier and more profitable, and when it’s done, you will be glad that you did it because you will be one step closer to being ready to move!

If you’re looking for some tips for decluttering your home in preparation for a move, then you came to the right place. Use these tips to get started sooner rather than later.

1. Use the Basket Method

One of the best tips for decluttering your home is to use the basket method. This method will help you to categorize your possessions and create final solutions for each item as it passes through your hands. Although this method has five categories, you will need more than five boxes, baskets, or bins, since you will also be packing as you go.

As you work through this project, you will want to keep five current boxes, baskets, or bins near you. The first will be for things that you want to keep and pack away. The second will be for items that you wish to keep but that are broken or need mending; they will all be together when you arrive at your new home so you can take those projects on then.

The other three boxes, baskets, or bins are for things you don’t want anymore. One should be for recycling, one for trash, and one should be for things that you wish to donate 

This organizational method will help you to make final decisions on each of your items as you sort through them.

PRO TIP: Local humane societies and animal rescues can often make great use of your old and tired linens.

2. Work Room to Room

Focus on one room at a time. This might seem simple enough, but it’s easy to get distracted. Try to stay the course in one area rather than flitting all over the place. It might be wise to start in smaller rooms like bathrooms and home office spaces to help you build momentum for the more challenging spaces like storage areas, your master bedroom, and your kitchen. If you find items in one room that belong in another, simply make a pile of them, and relocate them only once you have completed the room that you are in.

Remember to set aside items you will need during the move and valuable items that you want to know the location of at all times.

3. Organize as You Pack

Once you have determined which items you will keep and which you will remove from your collection of possessions, be sure to organize while you pack. Label boxes clearly and keep like items together. This will help you to avoid clutter in your new home when you arrive, will make unpacking much smoother, and allow you to easily access something if you need it before moving day.

Now it’s time to dive in. Hopefully, you will find these tips for decluttering your home in preparation for a move helpful and easy to apply. If you follow these tips and stay the course, your decluttering and packing process will be complete before you know it, and you will be ready to head to your new home to settle in. Good luck!

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