Re-purposing Your Space

One of my favourite steps in organizing is re-purposing; it’s creative, it’s cost effective, and most importantly, adds personality to a space!
  • I love helping my clients repurpose their spaces! I can guide you in the process of making your interior space beautiful and functional. There are several ways to achieve an organized and updated look without the need for costly renovations.   
  • Rearranging furniture placement is an easy way to organize and inspire new purpose to a room.  
  • Adding a feature or accent wall, or incorporating a statement piece (one which you hopefully have re-purposed with a new coat of paint or peel and stick wallpaper). 
  • Seasonally changing toss cushion covers, throws and accessories can drastically change the look and mood of a room for very little money.  

As always, remember to take time to assess your spacial needs and identify what each room’s purpose will be so you can create a plan and a look that is a reflection of your personality.

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