7 Ways Your Home May Lose Buyer Interest

It’s no secret that the current real estate market is incredibly hot. Waterloo Region is experiencing what is considered a seller’s market, meaning that there is a limited supply in the number of homes available for sale, with a high number of buyers looking to purchase in the area. This is an appealing selling position for homeowners and there has never been a better time to sell. 

Taking the time to prepare your home to appeal to today’s buyers will not only result in increased interest, but it can be the difference between receiving several offers and an all-out bidding war. To maximize the profit on the sale of your property, be sure to avoid these top 7 things that are turning your buyers off (sometimes even before they have ever stepped foot into your home). 

Neglected Repairs

“Move-in ready” homes are deemed to be the most appealing and as such they attract the highest demand. Buyers today are often purchasing at the top of their buying power, leaving little to no room for renovations or repairs. A “move-in ready” home means that they will not need to do much (if anything) to the home prior to moving in, allowing them to begin to enjoy their new home immediately. Additionally, simple repairs that have been ignored trigger the perception that other, larger problems may be lurking. Addressing all necessary repairs before listing the home will result in better quality offers.

Too much furniture

Most buyers aren’t looking to simply purchase a house, they want to invest in a home. Showcasing the experience of living in a home means furnishing it effectively throughout by selecting the appropriate furnishings for each room and removing excess and unnecessary pieces. Too much furniture can make a space feel cramped and uninviting. Remove items that don’t fit properly or block walkways and ensure that you are allowing for a minimum of 36” pathways throughout the house. This will allow your buyers to appreciate the size and features of each space without getting distracted by the items within it.

Out-dated fixtures

From light fixtures to plumbing fixtures to door and cabinet hardware, these simple updates can have a significant impact. Similar to repairs, if small items throughout the house have not been updated, buyers will fear that bigger areas have been ignored. Alleviate their fears by swapping out out-dated items for more current selections that will appeal to today’s buyers.

Bright paint colours

Bright and bold paint colours can distract home buyers. When selling your home, painting the walls a neutral colour will allow the buyer’s eye to move seamlessly throughout the room, allowing them to see the space and the features of the home, without getting stuck or distracted by a paint colour. With much of the initial viewings taking place online today, it is more important than ever to ensure that those photos are presenting your home in the best possible light. Freshly painted walls provide a “move-in ready” look and feel and are one of the least expensive updates that you can do, with one of the greatest returns on your investment – it’s like money in a can!

Dirty areas

In a time where cleanliness is prioritized in every setting, it has never been more important to ensure a white-glove clean of your home prior to any in-person viewings. This will not only promote a well-cared-for home, but also a safe environment for your prospective buyers. Clean the home from top to bottom and make it shine! If you’re unable to complete the necessary cleaning yourself before listing your home, consider bringing in a professional to ensure that no nook or cranny is missed. 

Stale odours

Our sense of smell is highly emotive and unpleasant or stale odours can trigger negative feelings, subconsciously turning buyers off of your property. Avoid unwanted odours by cleaning the home thoroughly, opening windows to release stale air, and adding fresh plants throughout. Avoid artificial air fresheners that simply mask odours and opt for more natural alternatives such as baking a halved lemon in the oven for approximately 15 minutes prior to scheduled showings.

Awkward and confusing spaces

Did you know? Only 10% of people have the ability to visualize a space beyond what they see in front of them. You may have repurposed a room to fit the needs of your day-to-day living, but this can be confusing to your buyers. Return all spaces to their original intended use and define awkward areas by giving them a purpose, such as adding an office nook to an empty and unutilized space. 

Your home is likely your largest investment, so put its best foot forward when preparing it for sale, and you will reap the rewards!

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