5 Easy Ways to Declutter

During this unique time of social distancing, we are all spending a lot more time in our homes. Many of us are seeking out ways to stay productive, and what better time than right now for tackling home projects? 

Whether we want to freshen up and organize our homes for a more harmonious living environment, or we’re preparing our homes to sell; de-cluttering and clearing out unwanted items can make a big impact. It can also feel like an overwhelming and daunting task for many. Here are a few tips and resources to get started.


A smaller area like a closet or bathroom vanity is a great place to get started. Try setting 20-30 minute time increments for each area or task. This will allow for quicker decision making when figuring out whether to keep, toss or donate items. Get rid of anything that has expired, or that you can’t even remember using last. Get your kids and/or partners involved and cover more space as a team.


Have boxes available to sort your items into each of these categories as you go through each area in your space.


Whether items have been gifted or collected over the years, it’s easy to amass more than a few of the same article. Keep 3 similar items MAXIMUM. The whole point is to lighten up our space and keep only what we really need on a regular basis.


With so many great recycling and thrift/re-store programs in our region, it’s easy to find ways for unwanted items to be re-used or repurposed. Local thrift stores accept clothing, housewares, small and large appliances. Even items like toilets, wood and materials that have been torn out during renovations can find new homes.


Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste. Once you have all of your unwanted items organized, clear them out of your space immediately. Schedule drop-offs for donations in your calendar and stick to it. Remember to check ahead to make sure facilities have re-opened. Many organizations will pick up items curb-side or from your porch, and this can be easily scheduled online. There are also several online buy and sell sites/apps for items of value that you might consider selling, such as letgo, Kijiji, or Poshmark. The rewarding feeling of a clean and organized home will be worth all of your efforts!